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Our Policies

Granite Countertops in Maryland and Washington, DC


Quotations are based upon drawings provided and are subject to change upon final site measurements. Quotes are only valid for 30 days. Quotes must be signed and accompanied by a signed Terms and Conditions. Any additions, alterations or deviations of any kind from the original drawings from which the estimate was derived from, may result in additional charges. Frederick Granite will be fair when re-pricing a job from the actual templates, but bump-outs, curves, additional overhangs etc. that are not on original drawings will add to the price of your job. We do request cabinet drawings for accuracy and if you are concerned about the estimate we recommend that you review the drawings with your salesperson prior to giving us a deposit.

All estimates include one trip to template and one trip to install. Any additional trips required to the job at the customer’s request may have additional charges.

Please note that if items such as backsplash, island step up, bay window ledges etc. are not specifically outlined in your estimate, they will not be included in your final installation. Please do not make assumptions about your estimate and get everything in writing.

No material will be held without a 50% material Payment. No job will be considered to be in production prior to the template approval, quote and terms and conditions form being signed, all material is in stock, stove specifications have been provided and the sinks are at Frederick Granite.


Retail customer payment schedule will be as follows:

– 50% Material payment is required to book a template.

– 50% Balance to book installation of product and is due prior to install.

Frederick Granite strives to have all pieces of the job installed at the same time, but in certain circumstances, due to fabrication time or templating schedules, not all pieces are ready at the same time. In these cases, a progress bill will be sent for a portion of the total bill. Payment is expected promptly, as not to hold up the remaining installation. Upon default of payment of the invoice, Frederick Granite will pursue all legal avenues available to recover all monies owed plus legal fees.


Stove must be on site or stove specs (specific measurements and cabinet opening) must be given to Frederick Granite before template time. Failure to do so may result in additional charges depending upon the type of cooktop /or stove being installed at the jobsite. For example, a stove strip that lays on the surface behind the opening of the stove is an extra charge and needs to be factored in and signed off on – on the original quote in order for it to be manufactured. A cooktop hole needs to be planned – again – prior to the job being completed for manufacturing purposes. Please note that oversized stoves and cooktops will result in additional charges as will flush mount cooktops. If you are concerned about any additional charges regarding your stove/cooktop requirements, please ensure these are discussed and signed off on – on the original estimate to avoid any additional charges. If you have a flush mount cook-top, the quote must reflect this, otherwise, a basic cooktop hole will be cut. The stove/cooktop MUST be on site at the time of the install in order for Frederick Granite to do a complete countertop installation. If the cooktop/stove is NOT on site at the time of the installation and it is realized by the homeowner at a later date that it does not fit – or a stove strip is required post countertop installation, there will be a minimum cost that will be charged by Frederick Granite, plus stove strip manufacturing costs and/or cooktop hole costs.

New cabinets must be fully installed, level and all gables in place. If customer is using existing cabinets, arrangements must be made by the customer to have existing tile removed (at least the bottom row) prior to templating, and for countertop removal prior to Frederick Granite installing the new granite. If current countertop rolls into a backsplash, the countertop will have to be removed prior to templating (unless you are adding 3/4″ granite backsplash). Lazy Susan cabinets must be secured with plywood or sub top prior to granite installation.

– If cabinets are old, they need to be level and secure, otherwise there will be a retemplating charge. Frederick Granite is NOT responsible of level and secure of the old countertops prior installation.

– All sink holes are cut to Frederick Granite`s standards. If you require any special overhangs or cut out dimensions for accessories, you must convey this in writing to Frederick Granite prior to templating.

Cabinet sink openings and finished sizing to accommodate granite installation is the responsibility of the Owner and or the Contractor. Frederick Granite Fabrication will cut and modify cabinets to accommodate the stone, but will not be held responsible for any residual damage in the process.


Please note that it is mandatory that the customer or contractor is on site to sign off during the templating to approve all curves, corners and overhangs. If no one is on site and aesthetic decisions are required, another appointment will have to be scheduled which will result in additional charges.


The Frederick Granite installation team takes every precaution to keep your home clean during installation, but please be advised there will be a certain amount of dust created from drilling holes and spot polishing. Due to safety reasons, installers must wear work boots while installing granite. All teams carry the necessary equipment to assist in cleaning, but there will still be residual dust in the air. Drop cloths are not used as our installers need solid footing beneath them.

All faucets/soap dispensers/reverse must be on site at time of granite installation. Please make us aware of exactly where you would like holes drilled for such items. Sinks must be delivered to Frederick Granite no later than 1 week after template date. Frederick Granite reserves the right to cut the sink holes on site for proper placement. Due to size and bonding limitations, seams on a countertop are necessary. Frederick Granite Fabrication will determine aesthetic seam placement. Color matching is not always possible at seam area, due to shading and the flow of the grain. Frederick Granite does everything possible to layout the template material on the slab to include or avoid certain areas. We make every effort possible to ensure your finished product is exactly as you want it, however, due to slab size and template configuration, certain inclusions like fissures are not always evident and may appear more noticeable after cutting. Whether you wish to include or eliminate certain inclusions, it is not always possible to get everything in your template. If there is something in the slab you really like, we will make every effort possible to include this “area” in your final project, but we do not make any guarantees either way. If there is any uncertainty, you should consider selecting another granite.

Slab color will vary inside our shop or outside in the yard due to lighting, weather conditions, reflections etc. Granite will look different in your house and our shop once it is cut and fabricated. Please note that your granite selection is based on a bundle not a particular slab.

Frederick Granite does not install broken or deficient slabs. In many cases there are other trades working on the site that may unintentionally compromise the installed stone. Please report any deficiencies in writing within 24 hours of your installation to the shop. Frederick Granite will not be held liable if other trades are misusing your new countertops (i.e.: standing on, hammering, etc.)

Granite, Marble and Travertine are all natural stones that vary in durability, hardness, composition etc. Frederick Granite cannot advise the exact minerals and substances that make up each stone. Marble and Travertine do contain calcite, which is very susceptible to staining and etching and is not as durable as granite.

Frederick Granite shall not be held liable for the use of any material or product and makes no expressed or implied warranty or suitability for any particular purpose or application. Frederick Granite purchases only “Grade One” stone which is the best we can buy in the industry. No two pieces are alike. Color variations, veining, pitting, fissures and micro cracks are natural characteristics of stone. None of these variations are to be considered deficiencies. Samples provided are indicative of color and pattern only. Dust and water markings are more apparent in darker colors.

Frederick Granite highly recommends that you touch and feel the surface of the material you have selected. All natural stones have texture (and in some cases “fill”). Natural light reflecting off your solid surface may enhance the texture of your granite surface due to the fact the slabs are now horizontal. Frederick Granite does not re-polish the surface of the slabs and it is at the fabricator’s discretion as to whether or not additional surface fill is required or possible. If you have concerns about the “feel” of your slabs, please consider a different material.

Sealers are required for all natural stones and the customer is responsible for stone maintenance after installation. Frederick Granite can provide you with additional Cleaning and Maintenance Information.


– Changes or additions are made to the original contract.

– Frederick Granite Fabrication is scheduled on site prematurely, conflict with other trades or when cabinetry is incomplete.

– Changes have been made since templating was done.

– Additional holes need to be drilled after the installation date.

– Overall access to the job address is not clear. It must be free and clean of mud, snow, debris etc. and easily accessible by us. Steps must be securely in place to the job (no ramps).

The minimum charge is $150.00 plus labor for any additional trips required to the job at the customer’s request.

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